We’re now inviting Overseas Participants! 2016 Shurijo Castle Festival ”Ryukyu Dynasty Parade”


We are inviting overseas participants in the Shurijo Castle Festival “Ryukyu Dynasty Parade” held on Sunday October 30.
The Shurijo Castle Festival offers a special parade that will be winding its way through the Kokusai-dori Street. The parade will embody the essence of the old Ryukyuan Dynasty, reflecting the culture and brilliance of the Kingdom’s prosperous golden age.

Why don’t you join the parade dressed in the wardrobe of the Ryukyu Kingdom and feel the atmosphere of the Ryukyu dynasty?
We look forward to your entries!

*A gift will be presented to all participants.

◆Date:Sunday October 30, 2016 12:30~14:30
Assembly:8:30 (tentative)
Gymnasium at Kainan Elementary School (1-1-6 Izumizaki, Naha City) (tentative)

◆Venue:Kokusai-dori Street, Naha City

◆Qualifications:16 years old or older, Height of 160cm or more, Overseas participants of the 6th Worldwide Uchinanchu Festival

◆How to apply:Please fill out the “Ryukyu Dynasty Parade Participant Application” form and submit by Email, FAX or mail.
        Deadline:Wednesday September 21, 2016

◆Place for application
Event Section of the 6th Worldwide Uchinanchu Festival Secretariat
(1-2-2 Izumizaki, Naha City, Okinawa prefecture)
TEL: 098-866-8060 FAX: 098-866-2622

Application form(xls)


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