The Establishment of “World Uchinanchu Day”

“World Uchinanchu Day” Declaration

(Governor Onaga, October 30)


Today, we want to say something to the Uchinanchu of the world.

We Uchinanchu have it all.

We have the power to shape the future.

We have hope for the future.

We have the valor to set off into the world.

We have the generosity to forgive each other.

We have the spirit of mutual aid to help each other.

We have a rich traditional culture.

We have the fortitude to overcome difficulties.

We have gratitude for our ancestors in our hearts.

We have love for our families in our hearts.

We have love for all those we meet in our hearts.

We have love for our ancestral home in our hearts.

We have a love for peace in our hearts.

We Uchinanchu are proud to be Uchinanchu.

And we Uchinanchu are one.


As we do every five years, the Uchinanchu of the world have gathered once again, and once again our hearts have become one.

Let us celebrate the fact that we are all Uchinanchu.

Let us celebrate today, October 30th, as the day when the Uchinanchu of the world came together, and let us call it “World Uchinanchu Day.”

Let us establish today, October 30th, as “World Uchinanchu Day,” and let us engrave it with pride on our Uchinanchu souls.

I am proud to stand before you to declare this day “World Uchinanchu Day.”

This most auspicious of days will forever be known as “World Uchinanchu Day.”

Congratulations to all the Uchinanchu from all over the world!

Ippee nifee deebiru.





Explanation of World Uchinanchu Day

“Let us set off, to the five continents we will call home.” As symbolized by these words uttered by the Father of Immigration Kyuzu Toyama, our Uchinanchu ancestors set off into the world over 100 years ago with the will to succeed and the spirit of Bankoku Shinryo in their hearts to form a true Bridge of Nations. They overcame untold difficulties while seeking to create a life for themselves in their new homes and pursuing economic stability. All the while, they cherished their Okinawan culture and passed down the Uchinanchu identity to their children and grandchildren.

Today we hope to take that Uchina Network that has been so carefully constructed and passed down to us into our own hands and make sure that it continues to thrive long into the future. Henceforth, October 30th will forever be known as “World Uchinanchu Day.” This proposal by two sansei Uchinanchu living in Nago City has received overwhelming support from Uchinanchu all over the world. Our chimugukuru will be passed down eternally, out Uchina Network will grow, and the Uchinanchu of the world will continue to prosper.


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