Online Registration for the Opening Ceremony, Closing Ceremony and Grand Finale

Opening Ceremony:
 Thursday, October 27th 5pm – 8pm at Okinawa Cellular Stadium
Closing Ceremony and Grand Finale:
 Sunday, October 30th 5pm- 9pm at Okinawa Cellular Stadium

If you would like to attend the Opening Ceremony, Closing Ceremony and/or Grand Finale, please enter your information on online registration form.

Online registration is for those who wish to apply without through overseas, domestic Kenjinkai, and regidents of Okinawa prefecture.

If you apply through Kenjinkai, you don’t have to register through online registration system.
List of Kenjinkai (domestic)
List of Kenjinkai (overseas)

Online registration: From Monday, August 1st to Friday, September 30th


 To Prospective Participants live overseas

   We started Uchinanchu Festival registration through overseas Kenjinkai on May 20th , we asked every president of overseas Kenjinkai to collect information of prospective participants who are members of Kenjinkai. If you are a member of Kenjinkai, please send necessary information to Kenjinkai which you belong to.

Registration period: From May 30th to August 30th 2016

   If you registered as a participant of Uchinanchu Festival through Kenjinkai, you can receive discount pass of tourist sites, and free pass of buses. If you have questions, please ask Kenjinkai near you or Invitation section of Uchinanchu Festival.