Useful Infomation

  • Multilingual Contact Center Information

     This is a public service for foreign visitors provided by Okinawa Prefecture.
    It provides travelers with tourist information, interpreting services and support in case of natural disasters by telephone, Skype and email.

    Provided byOkinawa Prefecture


     Provides a variety of information useful to sightseeing, facilities, and events in Okinawa.

    Provided byOkinawa Prefecture

  • Pamphlet Download Page

     A list page of PDF pamphlets on Travel guide, General information, Leisure・Sports and Emergency information.

    Provided byOkinawa Convention & Visitors Bureau

  • Free Wi-Fi service in Okinawa

     Free Wi-Fi is available in Naha City where many of the 6th Worldwide Uchinanchu Festival’s events will be held. This Wi-Fi can also be accessed all throughout Okinawa.

    Provided byOkinawa Prefecture

  • Root Finder Okinawa

     Route finder will help you to find routes to locations using the public transport(bus and monorail) in Okinawa island.

    Provided byOkinawa Prefecture

  • Okinawa Medical Info 2016 (PDF file)

     These are the medical institution lists of foreign languages such as English and Chinese. They are put together in regional or hospital department.

    Provided byOkinawa International Exchange & Human Resources Development Foundation

  • Safety Guide for Visitors to Okinawa (PDF file)

     Information for the leisure of the sea and mountains and that you should be careful about in enjoying sightseeing in Okinawa, and matters related to correspondence in case of natural disaster strikes are also appeared.

    Provided byOkinawa Prefecture, Okinawa Convention & Visitors Bureau

  • Notice from Animal Quarantine Service(PDF file)

    This is a flyer to alert of carry-on livestock products to Japan and taking out livestock products from Japan. It is recommended to read in choosing a souvenir and so on. 

    Provided by Quarantine Service, Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries

  • Notice from Plant Protection Station

    This is a leaflet to alert of carry-on plant, fruit, etc. to Japan and taking out plant, fruit, etc. from Japan. It is recommended to read in choosing a souvenir and so on.

    Provided by Plant Protection Station, Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries