Festival Eve Parade

The Festival Eve Parade will be the first chance for local Okinawans to interact with participants from all over the world and to welcome our fellow Uchinanchu, who will be dressed in their respective countries’ traditional garb as they make their way down Kokusai-dori Sreet on Wednesday October 26.

Wednesday October 26, 2016
13:00 Reception
Assembly: Athletic field at Tsuboya Elementrary School
14:30~ Move to starting point
15:00~ Opening Ceremony (In front of Saion Square)
Hosts’ greetings
Representative of Overseas participants’ greetings
15:15~17:30 Parade (Kokusai-dori Street, Naha City)
16:00~19:00 Cultural Exchange Stage (Palette square, Okinawa Pref. open space)

※Please note that the program mentioned above may be changed.

Performance spot
①In front of Saion Square ②In front of Tenbusu Naha ③In front of Okinawa-Ya



Photos of Festival eve parade

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